Meads in Bali Newsletter - Issue I Volume - 3 July 2019

Meads in Bali Newsletter Issue I Volume 3 July 2019

Meads Beach Bar & Grill


The Meads in Bali Newsletter

Issue I | Volume 3 – July 2019

It’s time to tell a few stories; a newsletter from Meads is like a game of “Believe it or not!!” Not really, just kidding the last few months have been a bit “Cheque Book” punishing seems to be an ongoing list of negative events that a generally blown out of proportion by the Australian Government to encourage tourism within Australia, not to say some of these events have been put upon us on Bali Island by the grace of God, regular Mt.Agung eruptions, the occasional tremor followed by Tsunami warnings, and the ongoing Boeing Max 8 debacle resulting in the loss of many innocent lives.

So tourist arrivals are down by 8% for the same period as last year and on the plate at Meads in Bali we’ve noticed a huge increase in orders for Pizza, Burgers, Pies, i.e. lower cost items. I would guess that consumption for premium fish, steaks and other more expensive items are down by 30% across the menu board!

It’s high season; the weather is great, beautiful cool evenings and beautiful Australian style “not a cloud in the sky” days the general quote from our guests is… “Hey, it seems quiet right now”, and compared to normal high season times it definitely is a quieter period. Australians still hold the honour of being the highest volume “Bali Island” visitors with the Chinese coming a very close second,

there must be 1,000 Chinese Restaurants in Bali with most of them producing high quality for the Chinese tourist that are happy to pay for quality produce without exception ….. So that’s all for now and my closing quotation is simply this…

“Never walk away from a negative person…..RUN! As fast as you can!”

Take good care and please come visit us at Meads in Bali, in down town Nusa Dua.

Warm Regards,
Warren Mead

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